Member Benefits

Become a member of our passionate group today and receive all the benefits!

Disabled Motorists Australia is a non profit organization with members through out Australia, each with their own personal experience of driving with a disability. With an annual subscription fee and one off joining fee, you can become part of our community.

Through our meetings, social events and quarterly newsletters we are able to provide a forum where members are supported and encouraged to share their knowledge and advocate for motorists with disabilities. Disabled Motorists Australia is unique as it is a company that is run by and for people with disabilities to promote their independence with driving and motoring.

Disabled Motorists Australia relies on the dedication of our members, and board of directors to share their expertise and provide insight into the common obstacles faced by motorists with disabilities. Disabled Motorists Australia is an organization that caters not only to people who have a disability but for their families and carers as well. We encourage social inclusion and active participation in the community which ensures individual members are provided the opportunity to have their voices heard.

As a collective Disabled Motoristse Australia represents the interests of motorists with disabilities to both govt and non govt authorities on legislation that affects the disabled community and all aspect of transport.

We offer a range of memberships

  • Ordinary membership (with concession if applicable): For disabled drivers of cars,  motorised wheelchairs or scooters
  • Associate membership: Family members, friends, or carers of a member

By joining you will be able to take advantage of our Disabled Motorists Australia member benefits:

  • Information and advice
  • Referrals to other agencies
  • A range of member only discounts with motoring organisations and suppliers.

For membership application download the application form from here or contact us.